"Give Peace a Chance"

Peace Dove
with Olive Branch

Collection of
The White House


12" x 10" x10"


Tupelo gum wood, steel & brass (for olive branch & lower beak), and acrylic paints

Price Available On Request

Commission Only

In 1993, along with many other artists across the United States, I was invited to create a Christmas tree ornament to help President and Mrs. Clinton celebrate their first year in the White House.

The First Lady had chosen angels as a theme and suggested white and gold for coloration.

My choice of subject was inspired by the signing of the Israel and Palestine peace accords which took place with President Clinton just a few days after I received my invitation.

Hoping that these two countries would sincerely listen to the plea of John Lennon's song and "give peace a chance," I sculpted the peace dove and olive branch to be my "angel" to hang on the tree in the Blue Room.


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