Male Belted Kingfisher with Spanish Moss

"The Fisherman"

Male Belted Kingfisher
on Spanish Moss



28" x 10" x 10"



Tupelo wood, manzanita wood, copper, & acrylic paints

The challenges in this piece were to capture the complex crest of this bird and to realistically sculpt Spanish moss with a medium that would last.

The bird was carved out of a single piece of wood and no inserts were used in the crest.

Its eyes are made of glass and its legs and feet are sculpted out of brass and ribbon epoxy.

The Spanish moss is sculpted out of small gauge copper wire and soldered together.

I deliberately chose the male kingfisher over the more brightly colored female to limit the overall palette and achieve greater color harmony throughout the piece.

Male Belted Kingfisher
Male Belted Kingfisher

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