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Eastern Screech Owl
Red Color Phase

The original sculptures displayed in this gallery are commonly referred to as bird carvings, but could be more accurately termed "mixed media sculptures."

Male Belted Kingfisher on Spanish Moss

Dennis uses wood to sculpt or carve the birds because he has found it to be the best media for capturing all the fine detail that is present in bird feathers.

Pair of Northern Cardinals on Flowering Dogwood


To create such detail he uses a combination of grinding with small bits in a micro-motor and burning fine lines with an assortment of small wood-burning tips.

Peace Dove

Collection of the White House

He prefers to carve his birds out of a single piece of wood to obtain a more natural flow and continuity to the subject, but uses metal for the leaves and branches to provide greater strength and archival quality.

"Garden Sentinel"

Male Eastern Bluebird

He paints his sculptures with acrylic paints and builds the colors through a series of thin washes with a technique known as glazing.

Male Northern Cardinal
on While Pine

A close eye for detail, extensive use of reference material, and a biologist's familiarity with his subject are what characterize a Danner sculpture.

Carolina Wren


on Fall Maple Leaves


"Out of the Nest"

Fledgling Eastern Bluebird


Eastern Screech Owl
Red Color Phase


"By Her Side"

Bobwhite Quail


Ruby Throated Hummingbird
on Morning Glories



Wild Turkey


"The Boss"

House Wren

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